RUBY MOUNTAIN BALLOON FESTIVAL Elko, Nevada                                                                                                                                    Spring Creek, Nevada
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Photo by Brandi DeMars 2013
Ruby   Mountain   Hot   Air   Inc.    is   pleased   to   make   available   a   $500.00   scholarship ($425.00   tuition   and   $75.00   cash)   for   attendance   at   the   2015   Balloon   Federation of   America's   High   Sierra   Balloon   Camp    in   Reno,   NV.   Entrants   for   the   scholarship must be between 13-18 years old and residents of Elko County, NV. For more information about the camp Click Here. Download poster Click Here.
Balloon Camp Scholarship Winner
From left: Parents Roxi and Ephraim May, Daphne May,  Ruby Mountain Hot Air Inc. member at large Carrie Rowley, Vice President Donna Engdahl and President Danny Alexander.
Daphne May, a student at Spring Creek Middle School, was chosen for the scholarship to the BFA’s Balloon Camp for her essay. We know she will have a great time with 24 other teen campers for a week with her peers from across the country. Way to go Daphne!!!
Heather Kennison, Elko Daily Free Press