RUBY MOUNTAIN BALLOON FESTIVAL Elko, Nevada                                                                                                                                    Spring Creek, Nevada
BALLOON CAMP Copyright © Ruby Mountain Hot Air, Inc. 2010-2017.
Photo by Brandi DeMars 2013
  Items for Sale by Ruby Mountain Hot Air Inc.
Large Weld Art - $100
Size - 16"H x 24"W 
Balloon Art - $30
Size - 14"H x 11"W 
Silver Coin - 1 Ounce - $75
To order Silver Coins, please use the
To purchase any other items, please contact one of the people below:
Jim Engdahl, President, 775-340-7657 Ken Manning, Vice President, 775-753-6706 Liz Silva, Secretary, 775-397-0307 Jeremy Vore, Treasurer, 541-401-1066 Ashley Majors, Director at large,  806-282-2462